Washing gutters

I offered to clean out the garage gutters today while Dave scrubbed the deck. It's a nice day, and the garage roof is low, so the ladder wasn't an issue. I'm not a fan of ladders, except for the short one I use to get things off the top shelves in the kitchen cupboard. I don't do extension ladders or get on the house roof… too tall, too steep.

Cleaning the gunk out of the gutters wasn't bad, just a boring routine of scooping the leaves and needles into my bucket, climbing down, dumping the bucket into the wheelbarrow, moving the ladder a couple of feet, climbing back up, and on (and on) until I reached the end of the roof.
When I finished, I stood back to survey the results, and noticed that the bright white gutters are sadly green with algae. So I got the shop rags and glass cleaner, and cleaned the entire length of gutter until it was bright white again. That rather blew Dave away… "Did you actually wash the gutter?!"