Finally... deer at the farm

We were lucky this year... we had a white Thanksgiving! It started to snow early on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and all morning long I watched it come down. By lunchtime, I called it quits and headed for home. Glad I did; it took me an hour to go 6 miles because of all the detours around the steepest of the hills.

In the late afternoon, as I came up the basement stairs and looked out past the garage, I spotted something never seen at our little farm in the valley: deer. The past 25 years we've often commented on this lack... seems like with our apple orchards, the pastures, the woods, and a nearby creek, we would have a lot of deer. I took my camera out to record the event; with the salling snow and the failing light, the photos didn't come out great. But at least I've got proof!


The sickies are all around me

I've been surrounded by sick people at work the past couple of weeks, with no ill effects. But this morning I woke up with a sore throat and an aching back, and want nothing more than to go back to bed. Bummer...

Why do sick people feel so compelled to drag their sorry butts into work, infect everyone around them, then drag themselves back home? Do they really feel so indispensible, that their company's profitibility revolves around their presence, or the planets will fail to align if they're not sitting at their desk?

I'd like to gently remind them (before I run screaming in the other direction) to think about this: Are you so much more important than everyone else? If your co-workers get sick because of your selfishness, do you feel remorse? Or do you just shrug your shoulders, chalk it up to fate, and repeat the same behavior next time? Think about it. Who died and made you god?