Goodwill by the pound

I spent the day with my sister, niece, and great-niece (and also got to see my nephew). Our day included a walk in the Arboretum and a picnic lunch, both wonderful. But our visit to the Goodwill store near Boeing Field was a tale I need to tell.

This Goodwill is unusual—everything is just dumped into large, roll-around bin-style tables (each about 3 x 6 ft). The tables are lined up in rows, and if there is a missing row, it means they’re busy stocking a new set of bins in the back room. There’s even protocol for this: everyone lines up on either side of the missing row, and waits until all the bins in a row are in place. Only then can you start digging for treasures. People toss things around, turn the bottom stuff to the top, and move on.
It’s also cheap: this Goodwill store charges by the pound. For $9.00 I got a big canvas carry bag with gusseted bottom and inside pocket, 8 ziplok bags of old wood alphabet blocks, a nylon shoe rack that hangs over a closet rod, 4 pieces of pink Depression glass stemware, a tiny little stuffed zebra to go with my zoo animals collection, a huge cream & brown enameled stock pot (new home for my alphabet blocks collection), a new red wallet, and a brand-new Igloo insulated lunch bag.

My niece, Caroline, has an eye for designer and vintage clothing. She comes to the Bins (as they all call this place), and buys clothing to sell in consignment shops. A lot of the regulars here are doing the same: looking for items to sell in consignment shops, or on eBay.