Road trip numbers... there's a lot to count

 I've been sorting through the 1500 photos I took on our 17-day road trip through the Southwest, editing some, deleting some, referring to the rest as I wrote my journal and my blog. And it occured to me that I kept track of a lot of different stats on this trip.

The road trip was to get us to a regional Miata event in Moab, Utah and back home again. The numerical highlights were many:  Nine states, 4800 miles on my True Red 2006 MX-5, six snowstorms in five states, nine national parks, four days in Moab in the company of countless Miataphiles & 234 Miatas, and 112 geocaches found (24 of those were earthcaches). We saw countless animals, thanks to the late snow that kept a lot of animals in the lower elevations. In Yellowstone alone, we saw huge herds of bison and hundreds of buff-colored calves. We saw a mother grizzly bear with twin cubs, and just down the road, saw two young male grizzly bears tearing at a bison that had died. A ranger told us that they'd seen a grizzly with four cubs, almost unheard of. We also saw a moose (my favorite), and three patriarchs of a huge elk herd—huge bulls with truly impressive antlers, snoozing side by side in a meadow.


Tractors in town

Look closely, and you'll see a herald of summer in my town--a John Deere tractor with 2 trailers of lettuce, heading through town toward the Carpenito Brothers produce market.

Rush hour traffic wouldn't let me get close enough for a good photo, but I did manage to get this shot, the reflection in my rear view mirror.