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Washington state is my home, and I love everything about it (except for city traffic). It's the most beautiful, scenic, amazing place I've ever seen. Salt water beaches and wooded mountains, fertile wine country, rugged geology, the Palouse wheat country... writing about my home and photographing its many faces is my passion.

This blog (and my cabin life blog) is my place... where I write about my life and the world around me, and share a few favorite photographs. I've been a writer most of my life, most of it spent as a technical writer and editor. Now that I've retired, I write for myself.

I'm married to my college sweetheart, and we split our time between our 1923 farmhouse and our rustic lakeshore cabin near Hood Canal. Our first date was driving around Mt. Rainier in his red 1967 MGB and hiking the wildflower meadows at Paradise... a taste of our life to come.

I never leave the house without my camera, and my favorite way to travel is in my MX-5 roadster. Just show me a twisty back road, and I'm there. Roadster and camera and a husband to ride shotgun... I can't think of a better way to explore.

There are other passions... sewing and quilting, wine tasting, geocaching, gardening, and cooking all make the list. Other things come and go, and that's what makes life so very interesting.

So, welcome to my eclectic life. Please... come back often.

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You can also find me:

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     this is a new place for me, so it's a work in progress

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