A carpet of pink...

A hundred flowering cherry trees bloom in Auburn, most of them in the parks, but some soften the lines of the old brick buildings in town. We walked through Pioneer Park today, and a brief windstorm overnight brought a carpet of pink down to the ground.


A cemetery with chickens...

Near our old farmhouse is a small pioneer cemetery, which used to be located in the creek valley just below us. It, like our old farmhouse, was part of a Finnish settlement that was established at the turn of the last century. Suise Creek was a community of loggers and coal miners and their families, who lived their lives near the banks of the creek.

The community is long gone, but some of the bones of the old settlement are still here, if you know where to look. Like the steps out near our county road, which once climbed to a white clapboard church. The old barns are slowly decaying and collapsing, to my great regret. But many of the original farmhouses still stand, and the names of the settlers live on the names of streets and schools.

The settlers established the cemetery too close to the creek, and the first time it flooded, they relocated it on top of the hill, out of harms way. The county changed the spelling of the creek to Soos Creek, but the cemetery still bears the original (and correct) name of the community.

Today we shared this peaceful place with a flock of chickens from the farmhouse next door.


A park for horses...

Bridle Trails was a mental magnet for me as a kid... the thought of a state park just for horses was amazing. I wanted to visit all the time, just to watch horses and envy their riders. When I was old enough, I got to do a girl scout summer camp there. A week of bliss, riding and grooming and learning about horses. The park has three big riding rings, and miles of trails through the woods.

Many years later, I was lucky enough to keep my horse near the park, just a fifteen minute ride up the shoulder of the road to get there. I took lessons in the big ring, and helped with horse shows, and knew every inch of the trails.

A geocache brought us here today, and we walked the trails for an hour or so, exploring. I remembered more than I thought I would, and it was fun to show DW around.



We met friends in old town Kent tonight for dinner at a Cajun restaurant. We caught up with the past two months of each other's lives, then walked next door to a martini bar to sit and talk some more. It was a perfect evening with friends... and this was the picture perfect Lemon Drop.


Spring tea...

Today was a good day. I puttered in the flower garden, worked on a new quilt kit, and did a solo cache on the way to pick up a friend. We spent the evening visiting with the ladies (and men) of a nearby quilt guild, and had such a good time, we've both decided to join.


New favorite place...

Madison's new favorite place is on the arm of the sofa, right next to me. I think Dave is a bit jealous, but personally I think Maddie really just wants to be close to the warmth of the table lamp. And today I had the blinds open, to let the sun shine in. She spent hours watching birds and spying on our neighbors.

Check out Maddie's fuzzy, hairy toes... all that long hair is a hallmark of her Siberian breed.


In the city...

Today was one of those amazing spring days. A day spent in a part of the city we haven't been to in a very long time. A day with geocaching friends. A day of walking on Queen Anne Hill, along the Montlake Cut, in Shilshole Park, and on the streets of Ballard.

If I were ever to live in a city, I'd live here. Ballard has a narrow business district along the water, and the rest is full of bungalows on tree-lined streets, old brick storefronts that now house coffee shops and local businesses, and the rest is quiet neighborhoods that follow the slope of the hills down to salt water, and out to Puget Sound.

We finished the evening sampling some local brews, then enjoyed a pizza at an old favorite, the Northlake Tavern.

This may be the best reuse of a container 
for a geocache that I've ever seen!


Nature made...

This afternoon we hiked around the small park near our house. There's just a wide spot on the shoulder to park in, then hop down and across a marshy area to get onto the trail. But once you get into the natural area, it's gorgeous. I can picture the neighborhood kids building the trails, and hauling lumber and tools to build bridges across the creek. Not this one, though... nature built this bridge.



I headed out early this morning to run errands, but took time to record the bumper crop of dandilions before I left. DW plans to mow the grass today, and they'll be gone. At least for a couple of days, when the next crop will open up.