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I admit it:  I am a book junkie. Books are tucked into nearly every room in my house. Because I've spent most of the last three decades working as a writer (journalist, technical writer, or editor), I have a collection of writing books that I probably will never get rid of. But most of my books reflect my always eclectic interest in learning something new. And because my old farmhouse doesn't have room for a dedicated library (sigh), they're tucked into logical places throughout the house.

In my office are books on technical writing, creative writing, graphic design, desktop publishing, photography, and jewelry making (my office has the best light for that hobby). My downstairs sewing room has the rest of my crafting books, plus sewing, quilting, bag making, picture framing, and painting. The wide hallway on the second floor holds books on travel, geology, gardening, home repair, wine making, and fly fishing, plus the hardback fiction and the books from my childhood.

The paperback fiction books are across the patio in a tiny apartment at one end of the garage, because there is no room for them in the house! Years ago, Dave built custom floor-to-ceiling bookcases just for paperbacks, and my favorite authors are there, anytime I want to re-read them.

I'm also a library junkie, and have been since I first learned to read. At any given time, there are 20-30 library books in the house, usually a few cookbooks and gardening books, plus whatever topic I'm trying to learn more about. Listing all of them would be way over the top, but I plan to include the topics that caught my interest (so I won't forget), and my favorite titles and authors that I discover along the way. I hope you enjoy.


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