April reads

I'm late compiling the books I loved from April, but I have a good excuse: I just got back yesterday from ten days spent exploring the middle of Idaho... the wilderness areas, the fly fishing rivers and streams, the resort towns of McCall and Ketchum and Hailey. Along the way we saw some amazing things, and I gave my new Nikon a good workout. More on the Idaho scenery later... here are the books that captured my interest in April.

Ashley Gartland | Dishing Up Oregon.  A wonderful cookbook with recipes that celebrate farm-to-table flavors. I have to take it back tomorrow, but will check it out again. It's been really fun to read.

Hank Phillippi Ryan | Prime Time. It's the first in a series with an investigative reporter as the main character, written by the same (for a Boston TV station). My journalism degree is in print media, so the TV side is a bit foreign to me. But the character is tough and strong and fun, and I'm enjoying the book.

Julie Fanselow | Off the Beaten Path: Idaho. This one went along on our road trip through Idaho, and it was interesting to read up on the history of the places we saw.

Nikon D3200: From Snapshots to Great Shots | I'm biding my time until the book for my own camera, the D5200, comes out in May.

Michael Freeman | The Photographer's Vision and
Brenda Tharp | Extraordinary Everyday Photography
It's always interesting to see what tips my favorite photography authors have in their books, and it's a great place to get composition ideas to try out.

Jack Nisbet | The Mapmaker's Eye. The journeys of David Thompson, the explorer who mapped the Columbia Plateau, and charted the way for Lewis and Clark. We've explored this region over the past three decades, and this gives a different perspective on a part of the Northwest we love.

Kate Carlisle | a cute, sometimes silly, series of books with a master bookbinder as heroine. Set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, I couldn't resist these books as a change from the thrillers and mysteries I usually read.

Maran Illustrated Yoga | Yoga is something I've wanted to try on for size, and this book is helping me get started. It's surprising (to me) how many of the positions are exactly the ones we used to warm up for ballet class, before a riding lesson or clinic, or in various exercise and aerobics classes I took when I was younger and in much better shape! Hopefully this will lead me back on the path to fitness again.

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