Shoshone Falls

Day 3 of our road trip through Central Idaho.

We spent the night in Twin Falls, and as we were headed north, noticed the waterfall symbol on the map. Since we had to stop and grab a geocache nearby, and since the waterfall was just a few miles away, we decided to check it out.

For anyone who hasn't been to Twin Falls, or has just driven past on the freeway, you may not have noticed that the Snake River flows immediately north of town. It's the reason the town stopped where it did, actually. The Snake has carved a deep gorge here, spanned by only a few bridges, with a few overlooks where you can walk to the edge and look down.

Shoshone Falls is 212 ft high, which is 45 ft higher than Niagara Falls. And it flows in several cascades over a 1000 ft wide rim. We were lucky to see it in spring when the water was still pretty high, but I'd like to see it when water is flowing over the entire rim.

We stopped at the upper overlook, and debated over spending the 3 bucks to drive down to the lower viewpoint. A guy who'd just jogged up the steep road overheard us, and said the view was so much better from down below, and worth every penny. So we went, and were really glad we did. This is a truly spectacular waterfall.

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