The Tav

We've been coming to Ellensburg a lot in the past decade, ever since our good friends moved there in 2002. They hadn't intended to retire there, had other plans. But well, things happen, and before you know it, you take a different path. They grabbed at the chance to leave the city and try a small town, fell in love with the slower pace and friendly people, and never looked back.

Linda introduced us to The Tav. It's a typical bar in a typical small college town, and has been a student hang-out for decades. My favorite part of the place is the exposed brick wall, carved from floor to ceiling with people's names. Linda's name is here, carved when she was a student at Central, and when it's free, we sit in "her" booth. Dark wood, long bar and back bar, great food...  it's one of our favorite places to hang out.

Today we sat outside on the patio, which is surrounded by those same brick walls, carved with names of the folks who've spent time here over the years, leaving their mark on the place.

 Note that it's OK to carve your name on the brick, but you'd better not touch the wood tables!

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