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We spent a fun couple of hours at the Orvis store today, and walked out with waders. Awesome! Actually, Dave walked out with waders. Mine are on order, and I sure hope they fit me. I don't fit into the size range of any of the waders, especially the foot/shoe sizes. I'm a bit worried about that, actually. I already have my wading boots, which I love and which fit perfectly (just a bit oversized to make room for my neoprene booties or wader feet).

They were just finishing up a Fly Fishing 101 class when we got there, so while we waited for Jason to help us with waders, we talked about whether we should do another round of classes. Dave's good at this already, but I figure the more help (from different teachers) the better off I'll be. So we decided to sign up for both FF-101 and FF-102. The first class is next Sunday; FF-102 is June 16 at a private lake in North Bend, where we'll get to cast our lines into the water and try to catch a fish. How cool is that?

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