October reads

Suzi Parron | Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement. Seeing part of the Kittitas County barn quilt trail inspired me to dig into this folk art movement, and I bought the book on how it all began. It's wonderful, and highly recommended.

Sarah Phillips | Quilt Block Leftovers: Clever Uses for Spare Squares. A fun book, full of great ideas and good tutorials for making all sorts of things from those quilt blocks that don't make it into a quilt.

Bryan Peterson | Exposure Solutions. He's become one of my favorite photography authors. This is the second time I've worked my way through this one; it's excellent. I have two others to read; hope to get to them next month.

I've been sewing and quilting this month, but couldn't resist reading a few new books by favorite authors.

Donna Andrews | Duck the Halls. One of my favorite series when I need a lighthearted break from research or projects

C.J. Box | The Highway. I'm a huge fan of the Joe Pickett series, but I think "The Highway" is one of his best. It's already won the Edgar Award for Best Novel; I just know I couldn't put it down, and stayed up way too late one night to finish it, and didn't regret a minute of lost sleep.

Michael Connelly | The Reversal. Fourth in the Mickey Haller series.

Elizabeth George | Believing the Lie. I believe I'm done with the Inspector Langley series. The author just about lost me when she killed off one of the main characters, then wrote an overly lengthy justification called "What Came Before He Shot Her." Really? I was ready to dive back in again when I checked the latest out, only to find a 600+ page novel that was mostly about other characters. The lead-up to the crime to be solved and bringing in the main characters? More than 100 pages into the book.

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  1. It's actually 719 pages, way too long for the story that is told. Halfway through, I gave up and browsed the rest enough to get the main points and read the last 50 pages. I have loved this series, but the last few books have taken too many pages to describe the events and people. I may be done with it, too! (I also love the Joe Pickett series) Laurie


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