Fruit-loving coyote

We saw a small coyote a few weeks back, limping across our lawn and disappearing into the pasture. And lately we've found doggie (or coyote) gifts on the patio and driveway. This morning Dave glanced out the kitchen window and spotted a coyote in the orchard. I grabbed my camera, and we watched the coyote calmly devour a pear, standing just a few feet from the house. We tapped on the window to get his attention while I took pictures, but he didn't leave until his food was gone. And he didn't go far... a while later I saw him curl up into a depression between some tree roots and go to sleep.

It seems that fruit is a staple of the coyote diet, so our two orchards are going to be a big draw until all the fruit has fallen. I hope that also means that once the fruit is gone, the coyote will also leave. Dave chased him away from his nap, and he will ran off toward the county park.

Tips for scaring them off:  yell loudly, wave your arms, reinforce the coyote's natural fear of people. Yeah... worked really well. Until he came back to finish his nap.

This time we tried pounding on the dining room window, which seemed to be much scarier... he ran away and hasn't come back.

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