Farmhouse style

My love of farmhouses goes back to a very young age, when I was crazy in love with horses. Being only four or so, I was convinced that in order to have a horse, you needed to live in one of these houses, surrounded by acres of green pastures. I had yet to learn that people in cities had horses, too... they just kept them in other people's stables, and lived where they pleased.

Driving the back roads, looking for farmhouses, has always been one of my favorite things to do. And once I learned that Craftsman style houses are close relatives of the more humble country farmhouse, I started to explore the older neighborhoods of the towns and cities we visited, looking for perfect examples of the things I love in a house. Gables, dormers, double-hung windows, decorated eaves, stained glass, and shake siding.

They come in all shapes and sizes, one story or one-and-a-half story or two story. Some have simple entryway porches, and some have porches that wrap around the whole house, with room for wicker chairs or a porch swing. There are half-moon attic windows and leaded glass windows, double-hung windows or bay windows with window seats. Some have shingled exteriors, some have both shingles and narrow cedar siding. And there's even the occasional farmhouse rendered in brick.

My favorites are still those that are surrounded by pastures full of horses. Some things don't ever change. But I'm also glad to find farmhouses that have survived the loss of their acreage, houses that still shelter someone who loves farmhouse style.

I found my own farmhouse, too... but that's another story.

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