Cathedral Windows

One of my most prized possessions is a muslin apron that my sister made for me, with an inset of the quilting handwork known as Cathedral Windows. The bright reds and blues and yellows are perfect against the muslin, and I love the country look.

When we bought our 1923 farmhouse, I hung the apron on the bathroom door and it's been there ever since. I can see it every day as I walk up the stairs, and it's such a perfect welcome to our antique bathroom with claw-footed tub and pedestal sink. My sister also made me a quilted cozy for my Pfaltzgraf teapot, lined with dark blue calico and decorated with cathedral windows in the same reds, yellows, and blues.

If you want to try this technique for yourself, here is a very good tutorial (with lots of pictures) for making a pillow with a cathedral windows front.

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