Basket handle for a walking stick

Laurie brought a basket-making project with her last weekend:  a woven handle for a beautiful polished walking stick.

So I read my book and listened to the girls, and watched how she got it started. Essentially the cap section is like the bottom of a basket, with the spokes folded down over the end of the walking stick.

She used natural yellow cedar bark, and added one more piece after she molded it to the head (you need an odd number of spokes). Then she started weaving, using more yellow cedar bark, natural as well as dyed black and russet. Yellow cedar bark is beautiful stuff, soft and flexible with the feel of leather.

Three rows of round material lock the weaving in place, the ends tied in a bow. Last, she trimmed the ends of the cedar spokes to make a fringe.

My sister carried the finished walking stick outdoors to take a few pictures, then walked back inside and handed it to me as she said, "Happy 60th birthday."

I love my present. Every time I use it, I will think of my sister and how much joy she brings to my life.

You can see more of my sister's basketry skills here.

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