On the library stool in February...

When I got my library card, that's when my life began.
- Rita Mae Brown

Barry Maitland is a new author to me, discovered when I found one of his books on our library's Choice Reads shelves. I loved it, so ordered up the first books in the series. May as well read them in order, even if I did jump the gun a bit with The Raven's Eye. Others read are The Marx Sisters, The Malcontenta, and Chalon Heads.

While I was at it, I also ordered two books from another favorite author, Chris Grabenstein.  This month it was Fun House, and The Mojito Coast.

And one more impulse grab from Choice Reads, Sarah Addison Allen's Lost Lake. Worried that this would turn out to be a fluffy romance novel (which I don't read), I actually loved it.

With some projects on the table and not much time to read, I did manage to take another read of Peter Watson's, Reading the landscape. I love the thoughts and suggestions for photographing landscapes (my first love).

Two cookbooks came home from the library this month. I chose Plenty More for the February IG cookbook group, and plan to try more recipes from it. I also got Baking with Julia Child. I wanted to bake bread, was ready to bake bread, but decided not just yet...  I did enjoy reading through the book, though.

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