Road trip

We're heading off on the back roads today, for a weekend of fly fishing with family, and visiting with friends.

We started with breakfast at the North Bend Bar & Grill.  We love the homemade corned beef hash here, but make sure you sit in the bar. The service is much better.

We took some back roads we weren't familiar with, and saw some wonderful old farmhouses and barns. Kittitas Valley has so many heritage barns, and a newly minted barn quilt trail that's fun to see.

An hour after we arrived to visit with friends, the whole weekend changed. A week of solid rain filled the reservoirs and they had to start dumping water into the river we'd planned to fish. So we rescheduled the fishing trip, then spent the weekend talking and playing with the dog until we wore her out.

We finished the day with pizza in town, and the next day, spent the morning driving around the lower county, going to yard sales. It wasn't the weekend we planned, but it was still a great time.

Before we left town, we had lunch at one of our favorite diners, the Red Horse. It's filled with gas and oil signs and memorabilia... which I love.

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