In the city...

We had a meeting in the downtown neighborhood of Belltown this morning. Since our parking is comped, we always stay around for a few hours. Walking, lunching, shopping... it's all fun, especially on a nice day like today.

The Pike Place Market is just a couple of blocks from here, and that's usually where we find a place for lunch. Today it was the Steelhead Diner, at the north end of the Pike Place Market. We actually went there first, then wandered around and checked out everyone else's menus, then ended up back here. It was a great choice. My blackened fish tacos were so good, spicy and flavorful. Saucy black beans, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and lots of shredded red and green cabbage. Yum.  I ate every bite, then wanted to lick the plate. Dave had an excellent Cuban sandwich made with green tomatillo salsa instead of mustard. The bread was house-made, and the toasted crispy crust was amazing.

We hung around through the lunch crowd, enjoying our wine. Then we wandered over to the Market. I came armed with a list of produce, but first stopped to photograph the spring flowers that are starting to come in. The tulips, the hyacinths... so beautiful. Just wait a few weeks; this is by far my favorite flower market.

I love shopping for produce here. I walk up and down the row of farm vendors and check prices, then choose a farm stand and just tell them what I want. It's pretty early in the season for much local produce, but I was still able to get everything on my list. Except for the lime leaves and curry leaves... and a rutabaga.

Anyone know where I can get lime leaves and curry leaves?


  1. I love the Pike Street Market! It's been a few years since I've visited Seattle but your post makes me want to plan a trip soon!

  2. Oh this makes me want to go now!


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