Simple days...

This morning the brightening sky woke me to an icy white world outside my windows. The house stands on the hill above a pasture that slopes down to an overgrown pond, and everything was glistening and white.

For maybe the last time this winter, I pulled on wool socks, grabbed my down jacket and gloves and camera, and slipped outside to see what I could see.

Frost-rimmed primroses, always the first to bloom in the perennial garden.

Icy weeds, with diamond sparkles as the sun rose above the hills

The farmhouse, dreaming in dawn's light

My little piece of the world doesn't get more beautiful than this.

As I walked back to the house, the orchard was alive with birds. I topped up the birdfeeders, then put the kettle on for tea and started the oatmeal.

I love the simple days.

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