Winter walks

We have a breather for the next few weeks, and I’m trying to take full advantage of it. The weather is hit and miss, but I still try and get out for a walk. Like all Northwesterners I’m sure the other shoe will drop (winter is still out there... somewhere), so I am ‘stocking up’ on my miles. Winter will come eventually... and then I’ll be stuck indoors.

The hardest thing about our rainy winter days is the lack of light. Sometimes the days are so dark, you can't tell the difference between the hour just after dawn, and the middle of the afternoon. The sun will peek out and everything becomes brilliant. And a few minutes later, it will be so dark you have to walk outdoors just to see well enough to read.

So my plan to use the upstairs bedroom, which faces east and south, as a place to photograph still lifes (one of my list of fifteen in 2015) will have to wait for a bit, until the weather changes for the better. Until the light returns.

Until then, I will find my light in the outdoors... and I will walk.


  1. Don't let winter get you down. Go outside anyway! I do - I hiked in the rain yesterday and it was wonderful. There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

    1. Is it gloomy and grey in your part of the PNW? It was clear and cold overnight, but it's back to grey skies. But at least it's dry, so I will hike the trail today. Thanks for the pep talk... your "only bad gear" will become my new mantra!

  2. Yes, if I didn't walk each day I would be lost!


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