Playing in the light... (TT)

This afternoon there was a break in the clouds. The upstairs bedroom was flooded with light, and the sun break lasted long enough to let me photograph the sprays of lily of the valley shrub that I brought in yesterday. The buds are already bursting into bloom in the warmth of the house. I always bring forsythia branches inside at the end of winter, but it's the first time I've tried forcing the Pierus.

There's something so special about the first blooms from the garden... even if there's snow on the ground (and I wish there was), it makes it feel like spring is right around the corner.

For Texture Tuesday, this image has a layer of Kim Klassen's Touch-a texture @ 34% soft light

An antique English ironstone pitcher : Two of a dozen red roses that dried perfectly : 
An antique damask tablecloth that belonged to my mother : My dad's structural engineering 
textbook : A delicate drawn-work linen cloth, made by an unknown ancestor


  1. these are beautiful shots, lisssa! happy weekend!

  2. Nice still life photos. Amazing what you can do with natural light.


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