The end of February...

It was another week of weird weather, par for the course this winter. I've given up on my hopes for snow, now that we're in the last month of winter. It sure looks like spring is here to stay.

I talked with my sister for a while yesterday, each of us in our own farmhouses, not so many miles apart. I always think of gardening when talking with her, of digging in the dirt, and making things grow.

A sewing project is finished: a new padded, divided bag to hold my camera gear, designed especially for my new messenger bag. I'm looking forward to test driving it on our next road trip.

We've made plans to fish the Yakima River canyon next month, a guided float down the river, including a bbq lunch cooked on the shore. With luck, Karen and Mike can come with us. We've been wanting to go fly fishing together, and this will be the perfect start to the season.

And I finally got out into the garden to start the pruning. Look out blackberry vines... I'm coming.

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  1. Yeah, sadly I think you're right.....the winter that wasn't is over.


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