On a rainy day in Hawaii...

You could stay inside and read, or go shopping. But not me. We may have flown to Hawaii, but we can still bundle a few road trips into the framework of a larger vacation. It's our favorite way to see the world; Hawaii is no exception.

So we started the day with a drive down the coast to find the best snorkeling beach, a bit tough with the high surge and waves from last night's storm. Two-Step was the perfect place.

Then we threw on raincoats explored an ancient Hawaiian heritage site, the Place of Refuge. There I saw my first sea turtle ever, swimming in the lagoon right at our feet. It was amazing.

There was still loads of time in the day, so we went for a drive, all the way to the southern-most point in the United States. We geocached along the way, and got to an old boat-lifting station in time to watch a man jump off a perfectly good cliff, then climb back up on a rickety ladder.

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