A sea gone wild...

Somewhere today we heard that there was a high surf advisory for the west side of the island, and since we were driving up the coast, figured we'd be able to see exactly what that looks like.

A historical marker caught our eye, and we stopped at the overlook to take a look over the edge at the coast. The marker told about a tsunami that hit the Big Island in 1946, and the school on the rocky point below us that was hard hit.

Laupahoehoe Point was popular with wave watchers today, for good reason. The shore was being absolutely pounded.

We stayed more than an hour, blown away (no pun intended) by the wild surf, the towering walls of water being thrown up against the cliffs, all up and down the coastline. Most of all, we were amazed by the color of the water. A rich, glossy, intense turquoise blue I've never seen before. When we finally pulled ourselves away, I'd taken more than a hundred photographs.

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  1. That water color is amazing! Nice wave shots.


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