Sunrise and surf...

Our little Hilo cottage is just a few steps from the beach, a rocky point with sandy crescents on both sides. The waves pound hard here, and the deep water just offshore is home to Humpback whales. Best of all, there's a wide shallow lagoon that's protected from the surf, and reflects the sky.

The beach is made from bits of black lava rock ground into sand, and a billion (or two) bits of shell. The water is warm, and the sun is filtered by trees. It is perfectly perfect.

We came early this morning to watch the sun rise, but found only the deep blue and grey of early morning, and wild surf. It was a rush, standing at the edge of the ocean as it turned from night to day.

We came back later in the afternoon, to steal another hour at this secluded place. The sea was a bit calmer, and the lagoon was still and quiet, only a few inches deep.

I waded in the lagoon, collected a few tiny shells to bring home, and explored the tide pools.

I could have spent the whole day here. Next trip, I will.

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