December reads


Derrick Story | Digital Photography Companion.  I've checked this book out before; will it give me new insight?

Michael Freeman | Perfect Exposure. I love this book, and may have to buy my own copy.

Michael Freeman | Complete Guide to Digital Photography. A complete guide to be sure, but as much about using a point-and-shoot camera as it is for the dSLR user.

Michael Freeman | The Photographer's Eye Field Guide. Looks like a good (and handy) guide. Plan on tucking reading glasses into your camera bag along with the book, though... even if you have a 20-year-old's eyes.

Ben Long | Complete Digital Photography. 

Tom Ang | Digital Photography Through the Year. This is a very cool book, which has detailed information for getting the best photographs during different seasons, when the light changes, the colors change, and you have to deal with exposure issues caused by snow. A very comprehensive and useful book.

Tom Ang | Digital Photography Masterclass. I'm on my second renewal of this book.

Elsie Larson | A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. Fun to read, but not very applicable to my photography. I did like the instructions for making personal refrigerator magnets; I just might make some for Christmas gifts next year.

I haven't even started these: Brenda Tharp | Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, and
Bruce Bambaum | The Art of Photography

The novels

Julia Spencer-Fleming | Through the Evil Days
Dan Brown | Inferno
Janet Evanovich | Wicked Business
Dan Brown | The Lost Symbol

Anxiously awaiting

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child | White Fire
Michael Connelly | The Gods of Guilt
John Sandford | Storm Front
Nelson DeMille | The Quest
Janet Evanovich | Takedown Twenty

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