Oh, boy...

Sickness has moved into this house of two cats, a bathroom-remodeling spouse, and me, the lucky recipient.

I'd rather be sewing or writing or outside on this beautiful clear day. Instead, I'm lying on the living room sofa, alternating between searching the internet and napping. And wishing the *#@% sore throat and achy body would hurry up and move out.

The cats are joyful, as there's a body on the living room sofa for them to curl up with. I am not so joyful. There's a sewing project waiting for me, and another one in the design stages. I would rather be downstairs in my sewing room than upstairs huddled under a blanket. (I'm whining, I know.)

Davey is happily working on his project (while I snooze on the sofa, listening to the racket). The bathroom heater arrived at 7:30 am (thanks to the Christmas season, UPS is working all hours), and Dave installed the box in the outside wall. Then he went in search of the source of the bathroom wiring. Oh boy...  the things done wrong in this farmhouse. Tomorrow he'll install a junction box in the basement to correctly connect to existing wiring, and run the wire upstairs to the bathroom. And we'll have heat: just in time for some seriously cold weather that's heading our way.

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