A day for reading

Today I'm reading.

Here are a few of the books in today's stack, my own, and also from the library.

Cookbooks and my recipe notebooks | Collecting my favorite recipes for cooking at the cabin. Easy to prepare, few ingredients, versitile (oven or barbecue), fun to fix, and full of flavor. These are destined for my new blog, Cabin Fare (and maybe there's another family cookbook in my future).

Photography books | Fine-tuning some rusty SLR skills and photography knowledge while I debate whether to buy my chosen Nikon DSLR at a great price, or wait for the just-around-the-corner revamped model. I had the same dilemma exactly four years ago when I bought my Canon ultrazoom. Being on the fence isn't a comfortable place to be, especially if you're me. My style is to exhaustively research something before making a decision. The last thing I want is the promise of a new model tossed into the process.

Gardening books |  I never realized how many books there are on desiging a cutting garden. I hope our new perennial garden will provide lots of cut flowers for the house next year, and it's great to have so much time to plan the garden. Lots of ideas of what to plant so far, it's fun!

It's a beautiful day. I could be walking the trail, or riding my bike, or washing the MX-5. There are weeds to pull. And the orchard has yellow plums and bright red apples just begging to be picked. It's time to start picking blackberries, too.

But today, I feel like reading.
I feel like learning.
So that's what I'll do.

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