Photograph change

Summer is here, finally... and it's time to change with the seasons and pick a new header photo. So in support of our warm summer weather finally arriving, I've chosen a familiar scene from the warmest place I've ever lived: SE Washington. All across that part of the state, vast wheat fields are a familiar sight. From the rich dirt with a wash of green as the shoots emerge, the rolling hills covered in stalks of pale gold that shiver in the wind, to harvest time when the fields are shorn to mohair stubble by armies of combines, the lifecycle of  wheat is constant and unchanging... and endlessly beautiful. This photograph was taken last fall on a road trip in the MS-5, in the wheat country north of Colton.

And just a few words about my previous header photograph, taken in the Rattlesnake Hills wine region of Washington, just before harvest. I was almost ready to publish the third Flow cookbook, and just needed to design the cover. My plan was to design a photo collage of good things to eat... herbs and fruits and vegetables, and, of course, wine. We had already planned a visit to wine country with friends, and I was fortunate to find these lovely Chardonnay grapes shining in the sun at Bonair.

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