Seeds, turkeys, and a lot of rain

This morning we took TrueRed out of the garage and into the monsoons of Kent, and headed north. We met up with friends in Stanwood, then took the back roads to La Conner, one of our favorite little towns in the Skagit Valley. La Conner (or LaConner, depending on which signs you believe) is a fishing village located where the Skagit River joins Puget Sound. Getting there involves driving through dairy and farmland, which is green and wet this time of year.

I love this area for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of all the old farmhouses and barns. My own small farmhouse is charming, but I confess to drooling over all the foursquare houses of the Skagit Valley. Huge, 2+ storied homes with Victorian millwork, surrounded by pastures... my idea of the perfect place to live. The snow geese and swans make this their home in the winter, and we saw plenty of both today (plus a few bald eagles).

Anyway... back to La Conner. Lunch was our main reason for braving the weather today, and our goal was a small cafe called Seeds. The building was originally a seed company; now it's a bistro with great food and atmosphere. Because of the awful weather, we had our choice of parking... not usually the case here. We walked, shopped, talked, and enjoyed the afternoon.

As we left town, we stopped at the crosswalk... for a group of 10 turkeys to cross the road. No kidding... they walked through town, along the sidewalk in front of the inn, and I couldn't resist hopping out in the pouring rain to snap their photo. An interesting end to a pretty nice day!

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