The beach with Brodi

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”   --Jacques Cousteau

It's so amazing being here, right on the beach, with Puget Sound stretching out in front of us. The beach is a constant draw, calling me to come walk and see what washed up in the last high tide. I don't even mind that it's been raining for days. I just pull on my raincoat (over my down coat; it's cold!), and we head out. There's just something so satisfying about walking along the water's edge, listening to the sounds of the water, staring at the rocks and sand while trying to keep my feet dry.

We just got back from a low-tide walk with Brodi. He runs up and down happily, tennis ball in his mouth, while we look for rocks and beach glass and shells. One of his favorite games is to drop the ball into a pile of branches or seaweed, cover it up, then pretend to search for it. This game is endlessly fascinating for him, and endlessly amusing for us! It keeps him occupied until we call, then he instantly finds the ball, snatches it up, and runs after us.

He also likes to bury the ball in a hole, then frantically dig for it. I've never seen a dog dig like this. He'll start out digging by alternating his front paws, scratching at the surface. Then he goes for it with both front paws at the same time, and makes a big hole in an instant. Usually the bright green tennis ball is right next to the hole, which makes it easy to "find" it.

Another favorite game is to bat the ball between his front paws as he runs toward the water, lets it sail into the surf, then jumps in and rescues it.

It's been years since we've spent so much time with a dog, and I'd forgotten how entertaining they can be. I'm pretty sure that one of my retirement goals will be satisfied this year... adding a puppy to the family!

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