Featherweight buttonholes

Last May as we made our way through the back roads of Idaho, we passed through a small town, then did a double-take as I spotted an antique store. It was our first of the road trip, but not the first we'd passed by. Three days into the trip, I was feeling some serious antique store withdrawal pains.

I offered to let Dave wait in the car while I browsed, but he wanted to come in. I'm glad he did... he found the only treasure in the shop: a buttonhole attachment for my Singer Featherweight.

It's always so cool to stumble across attachments for my antique and oh-so-cool Singer Featherweight (make link to my blog about the machine). It's my machine of choice these days, for everything from quilting to crafts, and I've run across little green boxes of attachments from time to time, and always buy them. They've become increasingly difficult to find, and one day I'll play with each, to figure out how to use them.

A buttonhole attachment is something I didn't know existed for my tiny 1940's machine, and I was thrilled to find it. We did a quick search of model number to make sure it would fit my machine, then took it to the front desk, where my excellent husband dickered the clerk down from $18 to $12.

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