Fly fishing diaries | Casting with my feet

The first time I got to really fish from my float tube was at Cady Lake. It was an afternoon of casting and searching for good hiding spots for fish, watching the surface for signs of trout, relaxing and being comfortable there, on the water.

And I realized that I cast with my whole body, by instinct. When I strip line and cast, backward and forward, releasing more line, until finally I let go of the line and drop my rod to the surface... as the rod stops and the line streaks out straight, so do my feet. Out of the water, toes pointing straight ahead.

Some people take photographs of their feet on the world, wherever they happen to be. Standing on a boardwalk, or in the sand, or on the cobblestones of Europe.

As soon as I figure out how to fly cast while also taking a picture of my feet coming out of the water...  I'll be sure to post it here first.

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