Winterhop 2014

Is there anything better than a weekend with friends?

Winterhop in Ellensburg has become an annual event for us, a chance to spend a weekend in a place with snow on the ground, when it's usually just raining at home. This year the fog spread across much of the state, and there was no snow. But it was cold and frosty as we wandered around town, checking out the different breweries in storefronts and museums and art galleries in town, where we'd warm up in between walking through town. The beer was excellent, and the company was wonderful... a perfect day.

Adding extra layers of fun throughout the long weekend were our usual Christmas in January exchange, comfort food like pot roast with all the fixings, playing with our friends' Lab/Golden Retriever puppy, and sitting around the firepit after dark, bundled up in blankets to stay warm.

It took me a while to download my Android photos and write this post, so this won't be posted on event day in January. Please forgive my procrastination.

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