Hello spring...

I'm behind again. So to catch you up all in one fell swoop, here's what I've been doing the past ten days or so.

Reading that armload of books on watercolor painting, before they're due at the library.
Decluttering my life, one closet at a time. There's something so very satisfying about this.
Working on the 2004 WA Shop Hop quilt. Forty four blocks done, twelve to go.
Stitching hexagon blocks for a future Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
Washing and ironing my favorite clothes, from babyhood to the 1990s, before they go into storage.
Rooting leaf cuttings from my African violets, in a row of shot glasses in the kitchen windows. Planning my gardening chores, now that spring weather is finally here.
Thinking about fly fishing adventures for summer and fall.

Two days of warm sunny weather in a row is cause for celebration, after all the rainy days and cold mornings. The forsythia is in bloom, and so is my winter rhododendron. The perennials are all above the soil, and it's time to run the winged weeder around the beds, then spread wood chips. There are branches to collect and toss on the burn pile, and we have a couple of stretches of old fencing to pull out with the tractor.

Tomorrow it begins...

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