It was just a year ago that I signed up to "play" with Kim Klassen and Texture Tuesday.
I've posted a lot of textured photographs this past year, and in the process, I've discovered something about my style of photography: mine have a lot of texture already. Landscapes, close-ups of antiques and leaves and flowers and cats: loads of built-in texture.

I don't often take a lot of what I'd call still life photographs, but I do take a lot of close-up shots of my outdoor scenes. Painted signs on buildings, sidewalk grates, cast iron downspouts, carved details on old buildings, flowers. That sort of thing. Lots of detail, layers of natural textures.

None of these lend themselves well to adding texture layers, so playing along with Kim has taught me to look more closely at my surroundings. And I've found that I enjoy photographing simple small scenes and details around me, things that work well with textures. And learning a few more Photoshop skills has been really fun.

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