Home away...

This is my quilting home away from home for a few days. Me, my Featherweight, and eight projects. And fifteen other women who'd rather be quilting than anything else for four days.

Outside the windows, two feet of snow was still hanging around at the end of winter. Down the driveway, a dining hall and three meals a day. At the bottom of the hill, a row of small cabins. And just five minutes away, a cute quilt shop.

I spent a few days pulling together projects for this week, knowing I wouldn't have enough time to finish them all, but wanting to bring a variety of things to work on.

From 7 am until late at night, we sewed and talked and laughed, and got to know each other better. Some of the women are in my Tuesday sewing group, the rest are in my quilt guild. Three times a day we walked next door to eat, and after dinner we brought out the wine, and the day started to wind down.

And the next morning, we started it all again.

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