Scene & Story | March 2017

The first one showed herself as soon as we got out of the Pilot and headed toward the beach.

In the tangle of huge boulders that reached over my head, a well-fed tabby with a dark markings and a brick nose. She peered at me from behind a rock, as if to make sure of me before she ventured out onto the path.

She was the advance guard, and slowly the others came out from between the rocks to check us out. As I took pictures, I noticed food and water bowls tucked into alcoves, and cardboard "roofs" set in place to provide some shelter.

These two were obviously friends; the smaller one rubbed her head repeatedly against the larger, white bib shining in the shadows.

We've read that this band of feral cats is well cared for by the locals, and they certainly looked in perfect health.

By the time we left, there were seven cats sniffing around the Pilot; after everywhere we've been today, there was a wealth of scents for them to enjoy.

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  1. So glad this community of cats has many people to love them. They do look extremely well cared for.

  2. They certainly seem healthy and happy. It's so sad when animals are abandoned, for whatever reason. I'm glad someone is looking after them.


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