I can't deny it... it's sad to see a beautiful old church, abandoned. I understand the realities of maintaining old buildings, how a small community can (and must sometimes) realize that they cannot afford the upkeep. As an owner of a nearly 100-year-old farmhouse, I understand this better than most.

But still, letting a church, a holy place, fall into ruin... it is sad, whatever the reasons.

I have to be grateful for the chance to photograph such a place, to record the beauty of a building in decay, before it is gone forever.

The doorways, arched and square, line up through the building.

The stained glass windows are gone, but the bones of the building are still there, including the beautiful clear fir floors.

Just up the hill is the original schoolhouse for this tiny community.

It's a much-photographed place, this tiny community of Grass Valley, Oregon. I will definitely come back again with my camera.


  1. Wow, what a find! Love that old church, and a pity it's fallen into disrepair. Thank you for providing the name of this town. I too may have to visit with my camera.

  2. Fabulous finds. Sad, but so good that you were able to find and photograph it.


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