The Sparrow...

I can never resist a cute historic building, no matter where (or when) I find one. We were having fun on the Bend Ale Trail, and between two breweries, there it was. A tiny old brick building, much patched and repaired, and re-purposed into the cutest bakery.

We ducked inside to check out the wares, and to get out of the wind and rain. We left with a loaf of artisan bread and a fruit tart and a couple of cookies for later. The tiny space in front of the counter was full of people waiting for lunch; the house-made soups and sandwiches looked great.

The Sparrow is on Scott Street, in the Old Iron Works Arts District. The bakery shares a beautiful courtyard with the Workhouse and the Cindercone Clay Center., also in restored brick buildings.


  1. I've spent lots of time in Bend but never noticed this building.

  2. I love places/buildings like this...things with a history!


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