Staying Cool... the Fun Way

Kent has a new city plaza, which is full of fountains, and it draws the local kids like a magnet. Today I spent my lunch hour there, on the sidelines, just to enjoy the fun and photograph it. The kids were so entranced, they never even noticed me. It's the perfect place for kids of all ages to hang out and get cool on our hot summer days.

My favorite water feature is this huge marble, about 4 feet across, which rotates in its own pool. The boys were trying to jump up on it and make it move, and this little girl was happy just to splash.

A favorite technique is to hover over one of the fountains, and wait for it to start up. One little boy waited patiently for his favorite fountain, then giggled and ran around when it soaked him.

Next time you're in Kent, check it out. The plaza is just a block south of the Kent Station parking garage, and across from the Kent library. Sharing space on the plaza is the antique Morford family carousel, another special feature worth checking out.

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