Giving Thanks

For life and love, for family and friends... I'm thankful every single day. But on this special day, it seems fitting to also collect my thoughts and give thanks for the things that make my life complete.

So, here goes: For my dear husband of nearly 35 years, for good health and prosperity, for sisters (and sisters-in-law), for the most beautiful place on earth to call home, for old friends (and new friends), for the wee red car in the garage and loads of twisty roads to drive it on, for a huge family of four generations to keep me young, for towering trees and blue water, for nearby mountains covered in snow, for a tiny old cabin at the side of a lake, for the company of cats who love unconditionally (as long as you feed them), for hardwood floors and antique china, for nieces & great-nieces & nephews & great-nephews, for a laptop computer so I can write this blog, for good wine and a cellar to keep it in, for chocolate, for the orchards and pastures that surround my home, for rediscovered family, for long brown hair, for trails to walk on, for scenic beauty to photograph, for a wonderful old farmhouse to come home to every night. I'm sure there's more... I may need to keep updating this!

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