The ocean in winter

We spent the weekend at Pacific Beach, with four of our close friends from our Miata club. The Miatas got to go, too... and we even got some top-down driving. The forecast for the coast was for rain, high winds, thunder and lightning, and some potential flooding caused by high tides. Nice time to be on top of a 100 ft. bluff!

We walked the beach, looked (in vain) for sand dollars and glass floats, Dave flew one of his stunt kites, and I took loads of photos. We checked out a cool new community, which looks like an Eastern seacoast town full of interesting architecture. And we enjoyed the fireplace in our cottage, ate wonderful food, sampled a lot of wine, and played Phase 10 and 31 into the wee hours.

On the way home yesterday, we drove down the Ocean Shores peninsula and walked on the beach along the harbor. Then we drove around the harbor to check out the Westport Winery, where we learned that we missed the flood by a day... on Saturday the seas were so high, they crashed over the bar and washed into town.

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