Losing faith

I learned something new yesterday. Loss of faith in another person, especially someone you trust and like, is devastating. It's hard to believe that I've not crossed paths with this particular hardship in the past. Maybe I have in some slight way, but never like this.

This loss of faith occurred when I learned that this friend would stoop to anything to win an election--lie about past accomplishments, slam candidates running against his 'dream team,' and present incorrect information as the truth, which convinced people to vote in a certain way. He crossed an ethical line, violating the club's bylaws by interfering with an election. Does he care? Not so you'd notice. No remorse (not even when he got caught in this underhanded, unethical behavior halfway through election day).

This disrespectful and unethical conduct was directed toward people who considered him a friend. That's bad enough. But this man is a teacher. What do you suppose he teaches his 5th graders about the election process? Do whatever it takes to win, don't worry who you hurt or what lies you tell, don't worry that you're breaking rules. Win, win, win... that's the important thing. Would you want your kids to learn from this kind of person?

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