Sunnyside Guernsey

In a small Sunnyside park is perhaps my favorite sculpture, at least in Washington. It's called 'Morning Chores,' and is a full-size dairy cow, with a young girl in braids ready to milk her. There's a 3-legged milking stool, a milk pail, and a patiently waiting cat, ready to lick up anything that spills. Dave went on the hunt for the geocache; I couldn't stop taking photographs of the sculpture, and was especially intrigued with the details & the different textures. The braided rope, the cowbell (which was real, and worked), the girl's hair and clothing, the hooves, the stool, the attentive cat, all were crafted with a wonderful attention to detail.

We've discovered a lot of cool stuff because of geocaching, and this sculpture was definitely worth the detour off the freeway (even for non-geocachers!). It's on the main road through town, if you'd like to check it out for yourself.

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