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Back in March, when we knew we'd be taking fly fishing classes, I started looking for a fly rod to get me started on the journey. I still want a beautiful antique bamboo fly rod, but needed something less fragile and more utilitarian while I'm a beginner. Since we've seen bamboo rods in an antique store, we've been looking in other antique shops.

I should explain: I'm more of a "finder" than a "buyer" when it comes to starting out on a new hobby. I could go to a fly shop and buy a brand new fly rod, but would much rather find a used rod to learn with. The expensive new rods will still be there when I'm ready. If I'm ready. What if I hate fly fishing? I don't think that will happen, but still... 

We were in Leavenworth for the weekend, and decided to check out the big antique mall in Cashmere. On the walk through the building I found a couple of McCoy pottery flower pots for my baby African violets; cool! Good vibe so far.

Next I spotted a couple of Horrocks-Ibbotson bamboo rods in a glass case, and asked to see them. Unfortunately, neither was in very good shape, and they were a bit pricey for their condition. I'm not qualified to fix unraveled thread wraps and missing ferrules, so I passed on the bamboo. But around the corner we found a big pickle crock being used to hold old fly rods (I wanted the crock, but it was $200). The best of the bunch was a 1970's era Fenwick; when we pulled it out and saw that it also had a cool automatic Martin reel in my favorite green, I was definitely interested.

Dave pulled out the Android and did some research to see how good a deal it was. It was (especially the Martin reel, which was worth more than the combo). So $47 later, it was mine. Great condition, ferrules tight and wraps in good shape. The only negative was that because it's a 2-piece rod, it will need a long case and won't be very packable. But I can live with that. It's my first-ever fly rod.

I won't need it for the next step in this fly fishing journey. The fly fishing classes at Red's this weekend include use of their equipment. But I'll need it soon.

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