TLC for wooden spoons

It's one of those things I don't think about often:  a little TLC for my wooden spoons. But today I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and came across a post about just that. Hmmm... wonder how mine look?

So I put my computer aside, and went out to check on the health of my own kitchen utensils. I dug in the drawers and raided my utensil crocks, and found quite a few. Wooden spoons in oak, bamboo, and mystery wood. A couple of spatulas with beautiful dark wood handles. Pastry brushes. A couple of wire mesh strainers. I also pulled out my big wood cutting board, and a small game board that I use when serving wine. I laid everything out on my kitchen work table, and gave them a careful look. Pretty much everything needed to be oiled, and the mystery wood spoons needed to be sanded.

You'll need a piece of extra-fine sandpaper, mineral oil, a small ramekin, and a roll of paper towels. First, I sanded the rough patches on my wooden spoons, then wiped them with a lightly oiled towel to remove any wood dust. Don't use a wet towel; you'll just raise the grain again.

Since I like to use my fingers to oil the wood, I pour a little oil into the ramekin. Then one at a time, I carefully rub oil into the wood. You don't want (or need) to use a lot of oil; just be sure you get all the dry places.

Set everything aside to dry for a few hours, then wipe each piece using a clean towel. I like to remove the excess oil with paper towels, then make a final pass using an old dish towel.

Here's my pile before, looking all dry and neglected:

And here are my spoons and cutting boards after their beauty treatment. Don't they look better?

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