I wanted to pick flowers today...

... but it's raining.

I mean really raining. Rain that streams down the roof and overflows the gutters. Rain that turns the morning into twilight, because it blocks the daylight. The kind of rainfall everyone thinks we have all the time here, but in reality doesn't happen often.

Except in the spring, when gardeners want to get outside and get their hands dirty.

So this morning, I'm "gathering" flowers from my windows. Camellias from the dining room and bathroom, Japonica and rhododendrons from the front doorway, hellebores and daffodils from the kitchen.

It's tough to fill vases this way...  sigh.

On the other hand... the pasture trees are full of bright green leaves, the grass is emerald green, and the birds are chirping. And even if I can't be out there in the middle of things, my garden is loving all the attention from nature. So all is good.

Happy spring!

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