How many calories?

Caching the power trails in Eastern Washington was a blast, especially top-down in my MX-5 roadster. Power trails are strings of geocaches along a single road, 500 ft. apart (or as close as roads and landscape will allow).

Here's the drill:  Dave drove, I grabbed the caches. Stop close to the coordinates. Open teh door, step up (e.g. haul my ass out) out of the MX-5. Walk or climb to the cache GZ. Squat down and locate the container. Sign the log and put it back. Stand up. Walk back to the car, sit down into my seat again. Repeat. In four days, about 470 cache finds. I broke all my geocaching records: best day, best week, best month, best year.

It was so much fun, but hard work, too. Imagine walking, jogging, and stair climbing all rolled into one, for 6-8 hours a day.

So my question: how many calories an hour can I claim for geocaching powertrails in a sports car?

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